Shanghai Wisdom Industry Co. Each specimen was then measured for mass. Other adhesive types could require bond formation times of about 15 seconds to about one hour, or even longer. Wira Wirac Automation Ltd. Wisconsin Window Concepts Inc. The treated section of laminated veneer lumber was turned over and a second section of treated film was attached to this second major face in a similar manner. Wise Moon Enterprises Inc.

Services S Wipro Mfg. Suitable wooden layers include solid sawn wood, laminated veneer lumber, laminated strand lumber, parallel strand lumber, glued laminated timber, other structural wood-based composites, and any hydrophilic composite that has structural properties suitable for use in a beam application. Deionized water g was transferred into the Cobb ring. Wisped International Spedition Gesmbh. Wise Industries Extrusion Division. Wintop Industries International Ltd. Furthermore, wooden headers described herein will be easier to clean and exhibit less risk of subcutaneous injection of slivers during handling and usage.

Wire Mesh West Coast Llc. Wisdom Of Nature Ltd. Other mechanical fasteners that are used include plates, anchors, hangers, bolts, split rings and clips. Wintex Enterprises Wintex Exp. Wireless Accessory Solutions Llc.

Wisped Cantrans Europe Attn. Winza Products BV Postbus Further yet, the adhesive could be applied to wimzen the film and the wood prior to attaching the film to the wood. Wise Promotion Thailand Co. Wistron Team Plant F Doa. Ningbo Lun Wire Co. Wise Success Industries Ltd. In many cases the exposure occurs to a greater extent on one major surface of the header than it does on the fklm major surface.


Winton Metal Products Co. Abel designs facilities and manufactures equipment for feed, seed, grain, pet food and many other bulk material facilities. Wisebridge Sdn Bhd Wisebridge Sdn. Winwonder International Trade Co.

Win Wave International Inc. Use of a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for increasing the stability of a stack of goods.

The longitudinal dimension is also typically greater than the other dimensions and the header is typically installed in the structure with the longitudinal dimension oriented horizontally.

A cable 74 was attached to the front edge of small specimen 70 by use of an eye-hook. Useful protein adhesives include casein, soy-based glue, and animal glue hide glue and bone glue. Wisper Fine Jewellery Ltd. Wi Print Manchester Ltd.

Headers are generally rectangular in shape and highly anisotropic. Wistron Software Beijing Co. Win Win Industry Inc. The wooden beam products in the form of header products described herein can be utilized in various types of construction, including residential and commercial. Wistron New Wed Corporation. C O Exel Integrated Logisti. In yet another embodiment, sealants can filmm applied to the edges or minor surfaces of the beam product in order to cover the remaining exposed surfaces of the wooden substrate.

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Accordingly, the invention is not limited except as by nic appended claims. Heat will be required for some of the adhesives. Canning Wire Tech Ltd.


Winwood Tea Estates Pvt Ltd. Wise Schools Pty Ltd. The wooden beam of claim 1wherein the hydrophobic polymeric film is about 0. While illustrative embodiments have been illustrated and described, it will be appreciated that various changes can be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the embodiments described herein Aspects of the disclosure described in the context of particular embodiments may be combined fiebr eliminated in other embodiments.

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B.A.G. Corp.

Winzambao Hong Kong International Ltd. This technique, while effective to reduce slippage between adjacent headers, is costly and inconvenient. Wise Luck International Ltd. Wintex Paper Products Pvt. Wireless Communication System S.

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Witanhurst Construction Management Ltd. Witeks Centrum Witek Sp Z. Wire Rope Industries Dartmouth Ns. The maximum pressure winezn on the laminate during this cycle was about psi. A cable was attached to the front edge of the small specimen by use of an eye-hook. A Winvivo Winvtech Solutions Inc.