A family dispute between the Pepas comes to a head at Romeo’s yacht party. Michael ring shops with his wife but plans a secret trip with girlfriend. Traci makes a difficult decision. Dame confronts his nemesis. Let’s Get this Fried Chicken! Wherefore Art Thou Romeo? This sucks cuz these advertisements keep coming in which is something.

Johnna’s dad doubts Garrett’s proposal. A new story from DDotOmen. Traci is pressed for Braxton’s gossip. A rivalry brews when Deb cuts Jhonni loose and makes Masika an offer she can’t refuse. Road Rage Season 12, Episode 3. Man enjoys companionship from taller woman.

Things pop off when shocking issues are exposed. Traci is pressed for Braxton’s gossip. Romeo finds himself in troubled waters with Angela when he drops out of their double date. Angela moves to LA for a fresh start.

Masika’s big vendetta against Jhonni shocks Deb. Egypt’s bikini shoot turns left when hollyqood boyfriend, Sam tries to take over. The Braxtons shock all with a dramatic turn of events.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 Episode 2 – DDotOmen

After eleven years, he’d cheated 3 times. Surprises and Sentences Season 1, Episode 5.

At their elopement, Johnna shocks Garrett at the altar. If you don’t want your bootlegger all up in the videos, Talkin in the videos.


Angela and her siblings talk about marriage while Tee Tee goes on a first date with Romeo. A snd surprises his girlfriends in a big way. Wife learns a shocking secret about her husband.

Towanda’s ex blasts her on social media. Brittany has a secret rendezvous with her ex-girlfriend. Boogie’s intervention spirals out of control when Kristinia and Briana nearly come to blows! Traci makes a difficult decision. Lil Mama hits the scene and Kiyomi’s jealousy ignites! A look at the elite world of hip-hop majorette competitions. Season dailymotion royals 4 6 video the episode ddotomen The most biting walking dead memes while i love this show these are seriously hilarious ampamp true oh and letamp39s not forget the babyampltampltive never watched it butampnbsp.

The walking dead season 6 finale episode How to get away with murder season 2 episode 4. Teresa runs to save her son while Deb confronts unresolved issues with Brandon. Let’s Get this Fried Chicken! JoJo is pressed to make a proposal. When a stressful communication ddotojen fails, the doctors confront the smoking issue. Clint waits at the altar alone. Angela avoids Vanessa at the racetrackand pushes Vanessa ho her breaking point.


Marcelino meets Brittany’s “bunkie”. Full Episode 93 days left. At Tracie’s release, Clint fears she’s catfishing him. Romeo hopes to get close to his newly-single former flame. Dame and Rocky struggle to conceive. Meanwhile, Romeo’s torn between Angela and Tee Tee. Straight Outta Rehab Season 4, Episode 8.

Season 4, Episode The sisters have bad news for Toni. Create a new password. Vanessa exposes a shocking secret.

The walking dead season 6 episode 4 ddotomen

Kristinia meets her cousin Kyndall, El DeBarge’s daughter, for the first time ever. Soulja Boy gives Bow advice. A drastic turn of events concerning the sisters changes everything!

Johnna plans for a wedding after Garrett’s prison release, despite her dad’s doubts. Atlanta Season 3 episodes online with Part 2 of 3.

A bomb drops on Lil Mama’s budding romance.