At school, I always enjoyed and did well at essay subjects like History and English. You may find the Core Maths for All Scientists section particularly useful. Are you thinking of making an application to Cambridge this October, and would it help to come and talk to us at King’s? And in term, you can always chat with people on skype etc – it’s never been easier to stay in touch with everyone. They can be specific or general. Please be aware there are only a limited number of spaces available so we advise students to book their places quickly.

The University is running a large set of Subject Masterclasses this October and November for academically able Year 12 pupils or equivalent. Do you live near a university? The cinema holds a lot of memories for me as I saw some truly great films there in its previous incarnation, including An Education and The Breakfast Club. Each year, the Department of Engineering offers a small number of work experience placements to school students, so here is your oportunity to get an inside look. This is a fun and informative event with sample lectures and briefing sessions by the Access and Outreach Teams from Oxford as well as Cambridge. Most applicants study a foreign language at school. Some important and interesting questions about student life came up, which we hope might be helpful for others! No one left and no one came On the bare platform.

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This year they will be held in Edinburgh, Merseyside. Participants are not required to be doing Archaeology A level, and the content of the summer school will presume no previous knowledge. What does studying mathematics at unviersity level involve, and how can you work out if you will enjoy it?

The latest King’s Student Perspectives piece is written by Will, who is in his second year studying Economics here at King’s:.

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It will also help you to develop some of the skills involved in studying and practising law. Please note that the talk and tour of King’s will be for prospective students only.


A hot air balloon of mass kg is carrying 5 people each of mass 70kg. There will also be the chance to meet current students and hear about making a competitive application to Cambridge.

To enter, sixth form students must produce a word essay. You may find the recordings ordered by theme especially useful click on the headings in the menu on the left of the page.

Their work is wide-reaching, and combines leading experts in veterinary and biological sciences, public health and social sciences, ecology and wildlife health. You can read more about the Centre in this article or find out about studying Engineering at King’s.

Reading in King’s Library: Ask Gadgets about Vue Croydon Grant’s. I knew straight away that it was for me!

Judging from the generous size of their second screen, the folks who designed the Arts Picturehouse knew how to make the most of the space and, of course, screen 1 is even more impressive. Do browse the festival programme now. Booking for the King’s Mathematics talk and tour is now open here.

If you are interested in Biology and Medicine, take a moment to think about Space Biology. The Department of Engineering have uploaded videos of their open day talks online, as well as handouts of the slideshows. There is no required reading for applicants, but the Director of Studies in Geography has provided some interesting and helpful reading suggestions to give a flavour of the material that you can study in the course.

Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa | SCENE A LOT OF FILMS

The Music Taster Day provides prospective year 12 students with a taste of what life as a Music student at the University of Cambridge would be like. For details of cambridbe loans and the further financial support available please see our financial support page.

The fifth pair of socks are both white. An additional advantage of this route is that you will gain familiarity with the UNIX command line: To book your place please use the online booking form.


Booking required, limited places. Of courseif you’re invited for interviews at Cambridge, do remember that you may be asked questions on a wider range of science than is presented on the Isaac Physics website. St Catharine’s College is holding a Masterclass on 28 June for students interested in studying Medicine at the University of Cambridge. Students have two opportunities to write a dissertation: Masterclasses are a great opportunity for students to undertake super-curricular activities and explore subjects beyond the school curriculum.

Someone cleared his throat. I chose to study History because it is a subject which I really enjoyed. Masterclasses are continually added throughout the year so please register your interest for future events on the Masterclass website. A really useful film to watch on interviews is this one. This year, this will take place at Cambridge.

Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa

The A Level or equivalent subject choices that students make in Year 11 can have a major impact on course and university options. Nominations are open until 21st September. Applications close on 8 March. Clare Collegeview over the bridge. With hundreds of free events over two weeks, the Cambridge Festival of Ideas is one of the most exciting and dynamic occasions in the Cambridge cultural calendar.

Thu 19 Jul When: If you would like to read about how some students at Cambridge find icnema, do look at the King’s Student Perspectives. For more maths talks and other online resources, see the Millenium Maths Project website. Foyer in the Music Faculty. The Shadowing Scheme will take place on:. It was a HOT day but thankfully the auditorium was ideal in temperature — cool but not aggressively air-conditioned.