MrSpeakers Aeon closed-back headphones. If you are looking for a headphone that is capable of a truly hifi performance at a sensible price, this is it. Even the well-heeled audiophile doesn’t wanna take his muy expensivo headphones along when he travels, even if they do annihilate the cheap-ass set that came with his portable CD player or Walkman. Read on for our impressions. Recording of February Create new account Request new password. The Grado Prestige Series SR60e headphones have a unique, old-school look to them that could prove to be divisive: Perhaps your audiophile friends have fueled a desire for the legendary Grado sound but you thought it was out of reach.

Music Menlo ‘s Creative Capitals. Dealer Event in San Diego Friday. This is due in part to the open-back design: OK, so that’s the High End. The Grado Prestige Series SR60e headphones have a unique, old-school look to them that could prove to be divisive: And every time I’d fly somewhere, I’d sit there with these awful ‘phones quacking in my ears, thinking, “OK, we lift off, I yell my demands and wave the gun.

After decades of Mello-Yello, Sennheiser retooled and came out with their new HDa completely totally bitchin’ set of cans and a legit rival to the Grados.

Grado Prestige Series SR60e Review

Overall, these headphones are great for both critical listening and just enjoying your music. Do these headphones hold up to the high standards placed by their predecessors? In general, these look like that would be at home in a s recording studio which, again, is a plus to me, but your mileage may prestigd. This combined with the soundstage that open-back headphones are known for lends an extra level of realism to reverb and room sound. Looking on the inside of the box as I opened it for the first time, I noticed a warning that some people might find these headphones to be too tight.


Ultimate Ears 18 Pro in-ear headphones. Recording of June Forget radiation testing on humans—I’ll hhe mainline any glowing syringe Uncle Sam cares to try prstige on me so long as he doesn’t labz a pair of Satanic cheap-ass dungphones on my head while he’s cooking my works.

Recording of March As Grado puts it on the website for the SR60e: You may also like. Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Create new account Request new password.

Polk Audio UltraFit Shure KSE electrostatic in-ear headphone system.

Grado SR60 headphones |

I listened to a few podcasts and an audiobook to check performance with the spoken word, ggado mostly I listened to music from different genres and eras.

OK, so that’s the High End. A Tale of Four Headphones. Not to mention the sudden rash of high-end lsbs amplifiers like the original Melos SHA-1 and the great li’l HeadRoom portables. The SR60e will produce a sound that is pure Grado, with warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end.

The highs are crisp and clear with excellent detail, lending a shimmer and sheen to cymbals and high string instruments without ever wandering into the realm of harshness.

Grado HP 1 headphones. Try a pair of our affordable open-back headphones and experience fuller, more realistic sound. What the hell is going on with headphones these days?!

They were so clean, so clear, so detailed—so right. No— First I wave the zr60, then I tell the pilot to fly to Cyprus.

There’s around 14, different models ranging from el cheapo earbuds that buzz like bees to Walkman-style squawkers to big puffy-cushioned “Digital Ready U-Bet” jobs at the top of the grqdo.

Jecklin Float electrostatic headphones. Other than that, though, it was a real teenage wasteland, with Koss, AKG, Sony, and Sennheiser all battling it out to see who could produce a less mediocre pair of headphones than the rest of the pack.


Stax SR-Lambda Pro headphones. You might be able to get a pair of open-back pair of headphones for less, but Sr660 would be surprised if they came anywhere near sounding as good.

Grado Labs Prestige Series SR60 Headphones

Yeah, the high-dollar Stax electrostatics had always been there if you really wanted some quality headphones, but even they had their problems with coloration and treble steeliness. Related Latest Galleries Recommended.

JA raved about them in Vol. Open Air Graado Response: Six Suites for Viola Solo.

MrSpeakers Aeon closed-back headphones. The SR60e has a new driver design, a new polymer to better damp resonant distortion in the plastic housing, and a new cable from plug to driver connection.

Recording of December Koss ESP-9 electrostatic Headphones. See Phono Cartridges The finest in the world. This is due in part to the open-back design: Recording of August You get a bit more resonance as seriez go down the Grado line, John says, and you lose a bit more vrado and transparency, but the family resemblance between the top-of-the-line HP 1 and the el cheapo SR60 remains strong.

Recording of January Kingko Audio and Omega.

Grado Labs – SR60e

Pass Labs HPA-1 headphone amplifier. I’d sworn off ‘phones by that point, but all it took was a quick listen to those new Grados and I had to have ’em. Recording of November