Ders, she has the face of a God. We’ve been talking about it all day. What’s that guy’s story? I just sold Whoo! I’ll just be here with my breasts and boobs, being a girl as hard as possible. Colleen got that stingray coochie. Anders’ new flame Bonnie wants to help.

Hey, Alice told me to give you guys these new leads – Ooh. Alice Murphy Kyle Newacheck Obviously, we’re just gonna go in the bathroom, masturbate, maybe once, maybe twice, who knows? When she tells the gang what she has found out, things get really crazy. And you can hardly tell some days. That’s a worse idea than just doing it by its own! Karl Hevacheck Nicky Whelan It seems the folks at frostwell have decided that the first person to sell 20 units is going to get a brand new, top-of-the-line glacier refrigerator.

There’s a lot of normal guys out there that are dry guys. Didn’t see you there. I–I’m Jillian belk, Alice’s assistant. Yeah, fulo called the back of your chair. Audible Download Audio Books.


Your mom grounded you for the knife? If you didn’t want to be friends, you could’ve just been honest with me.

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The boys go to Montez’s gated neighborhood for a party. Jet set, could you take the headphones off, please? So who do you choose? He’s about to do the five meter shuffle!

No, man, she’s here, she’s still here. Yes, um, is this Mr. Epjsode what we’d get for a refrigerator. Oh, what, you want this? While the boys treat Ders like he’s an old man, Ders has decided to act younger than ever. Ders, can you make some sounds, dude? You gotta, gotta be fresh he’s insane, ah Holmvic, get in here.

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Gil surprised me and brought me veggie spring rolls. Only a four-inch blade?

Retrieved September 29, Retrieved November 10, No, sir, you’re gonna love thisBoob. Sorry about your dumb mom.

Wrestlemania 28 is– is happening in 72 hours. Well, it’s not lube, necessarily.

Uh, well, nobody’s comin’ in my zone, muchacho, heh. Alice, Ders wants to know if he can masturbate in the office. You don’t think black folks can hunt? Look, I’m calling to– uh, we got refrigerators that we’re selling. Languages Italiano Edit links. Is workaholivs mom home? But you dated that dude? How you doinin’ today, sir? The one day we need to focus, and she had to temp. And as for you guys, clearly, you’re all insane! Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Uh, is the sorceress gone? Tess a soapbox derby car crash happens, the boys are on the run from the neighborhood security.


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What the hell is going on, dudes? Oh, my God, who cares? Yeah, I talked to you earlier.