Meap followed behind him, vacantly staring ahead. Jerry dug in once the plate was in his hands. Ferb nodded and adjusted the equation, then showed it to Phineas. She shook her head. A loud siren blared through the building, and she yelped and covered her ears. You guys are killing me with the sap.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. But not Jerry the Platypus, guess he forgot him. A fanfic of the never created episode. Candace is kidnapped by none other than Candace stood up and walked away while he poured out his heart in a frankly not-so-dramatic backstory. In response, Meap shot a concentrated rainbow beam at them, sending a geyser of water sky high. You already know me as-agh, this chair deserves the furnace more than the other one! It would probably tie him over until they got back and figured out what they could do with him.

The rest of you, begin the preparations at once!

The Blog Where Everything Goes Wrong In Style! — Episode Meap Me in St. Louis Ch 2

Autopilot set to land on North American continent. Jerry dug in once the plate was in his hands.

He quickly plugged it into the system. Just a lil something I wanted to make for a while and managed to finish. Frawg pointed to Meap. Gently setting Suzy on his lap, Jeremy leaned down and placed a fu,l kiss on her finger. Jeremy glanced at his little sister.

Meap jerked the wheel to the left, barely avoiding a large asteroid which threatened to crash through one of the side engines. Miggins since I was a toddler. Buford inhaled deeply, then blew out the candles in one powerful breath.


A shadow fell across him just as he turned around. But not Jerry the Platypus, guess he forgot him. Candace winced away when little Suzy ran up to her older brother, holding out her finger, which was streaked with red. While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. What is Jerry the Platypus doing here? Now it ,e your turn to be trash.

Phineas and Ferb – Meap Me in St. Louis – video dailymotion

There is no need for threatening hand gestures. Candace wondered if all small creatures had pocket dimensions behind their backs to store items. Candace raised an eyebrow.

Your feerb little girl is actually a psychopath who needs to be institutionalized before she murders me in my sleep with a hair tie and teddy bear. Please consider turning it on!

Just her luck that his office was on the top floor. Pay attention up there! He had a half-lidded, bored expression on his face. The thought of being left with Suzy made her shiver.

Cartoons Phineas and Ferb. It perfectly describes the frustrations and weird things that happen when you take public transportation at odd times of the epsiode. Isabella helpfully grabbed him a ib of cake.


Besides, he was good for kissing practice. Just leave me alone. Phineas took a large bite of his chocolate cake, grinning widely. The chatter died away as the kids watched her close the sliding door.

Meap walks away from his spaceship as it explodes, switch to Jeremy opening the door to a church. It sounds stupid in my head. Then you threw me away and replaced me with him. Ferb nodded and adjusted the equation, then showed it to Phineas. Candace coughed, then quickly held her breath to avoid breathing it in.

Phiheas was so certain we were going into space again.

Phineas and Ferb – Meap Me in St. Louis

But what happens when Candace is surprisingly kidnapped by Meap’s arch-nemesis, Mitch? All fields are required. We now present; Meap Me in St. Frawg turned to the elephant-bee next to him, pointing up at the switch.

What seems to be the trouble today? Clearing the Asteroid Belt was a cinch. I can grab you a towel if you want. Strangely, someone had taped a router to the wall with a large red arrow pointing directly to the switch.