Von dem geheiligten Stahl triefe der Fremdlinge Leben. Ach, einer unter euch muss sterben! Michael Ewans has commented, “Gluck’s most radical ‘reform opera’ even dispenses with a love interest. Near the end of Act Two, Iphigenia soprano Nadja Michael learns that her brother Orestes is — supposedly — dead, and responds with an emotional lament that’s also one of Gluck’s finest arias. Les voici, des serpents leurs mains s’arment encore! Denn lenkte gleich hierher der Himmel unsern Schritt, So lebten wir doch einst in sanften Gegenden, Und Griechenland war vormals unsre Heimat. Oui c’est vous, oui, tout mon coeur me l’atteste!

Offrons leur sang en sacrifice, C’est un encens digne des Dieux! Otello — La Scala Otello: Vous n’avez point horreur? As Diana is carried back into the clouds, everyone sings a concluding chorus of rejoicing at having the favor of earth and heaven restored to them. Act 3 Iphigenia decides to send one of the two prisoners to Mycenae to let her sister Electra know she is still alive. The two rival composers squared off over a very popular topic, often exploited, whether by Campra, Scarlatti or Jomelli, to cite only the better known authors.

Silvie Brunet A Scythian: So sehr ich dich beklag, auch du beklagtest mich. After asking them for what purpose they came they have come to retrieve Diana’s statue and return it to Iphigeie, though they do not divulge thisThoas promises them death and has them taken away.

Zaira Zaira, Tragedia lirica in two acts. Gosta Windberg First Priestess: Orestes and Pylades languish in chains.

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Dir soll Gehorsam werden! ACT II The strangers turn out to be Pylades Pylade and Orestes Orestewho has been hounded by the Furies for killing his mother and is seeking atonement by recovering Tauris’s statue of Artemis, which has been desecrated by human sacrifice.


And in the original story, Agamemnon does sacrifice Iphigenia and that, as they say, was all she wrote. She is crushed, thinking her brother dead as well. Iphigenia and Orestes then talk together — but without recognizing each other.

Both men readily agree, and Iphigenia chooses Orestes to survive. Surprisingly though, with a history of sequels stretching from ancient Athens to modern Hollywood, there are almost no sequels to be found at the opera.

Part II taurode considered by many to have surpassed the original.

Thoas, the king of the Scythians, wants to find sacrificial victims so as to thwart the danger he fears. He, Wache, fort mit ihnen!

Iphigénie en Tauride Synopsis

In Gluck produced a German version of the opera, Iphigenia in Tauris, for the visit of the Russian Grand Duke Paul to Viennawith the libretto translated and adapted by Johann Baptist von Alxinger in collaboration with the composer.

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Voll Unmut, voller Grimm kommt eilig er, Den Tod des anderen zu fordern. O donnert auf Strafbare nieder!

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Les voici, des serpents leurs mains s’arment encore! Ihre Hand mit Schlangen noch bewaffnet! The Songs of the Kings. Although it dies down, Iphigenia remains iphigenue by a dream she has had, in which she envisioned her mother Clytemnestra murdering her father, and then her own hand stabbing her brother.


Entflieht des Todes Streich.

As for the Da Ponte Italian version, [18] there was a “memorable” staging at the Teatro alla Synopsi inwith Nino Sanzogno conducting the orchestra, Luchino Visconti as the director and Maria Callas in the title role.

Du hast es selbst gewollt!

But Orestes has felt iphigenir was going mad ever since he killed Clytemnestra. Nous avons tout perdu, nul espoir ne nous reste! She hopes it can be Orestes, as she has grown fond of him.

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Iphigenia enters, and although the two do not recognize each other, Orestes sees an astonishing likeness between her and the slain Clytemnestra seen in his dream. Iphigenia, who was to be burned alive by her father Agamemnon to allow the expedition against Troy, has been saved and carried off by Iphigemie to Tauris, where she has become priestess to the goddess.

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