That’s why its potential is infinite”- Rintarou Okabe. Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi You could throw a Triangle choke to Akune but you dun even know how to escape a mount?? I guess it makes sense.. Kujira is a masochist. I wonder if Mogana can even fight, if so, I wonder what style she uses. Since Medaka box is a heavy dialogue anime, and all the fun come from there. Thus creating a perfect human is impossible even for her.

I’m still only at the Medaka’s Succession Arc though. Sick episode, usually watching someone turn op is boring, but someone that is OP from the start is way more fun to watch. Hiroki Nozaki Chura Sound. Nice to finally see Naze-chan’s face and damn is she cute, you also got to love the Kurokami family’s ahoge: That guy is pretty damn fast imo, or maybe it’s something else. The members of 13 Party are talking about killing Medaka, examining her corpse for research, etc. We’re talking about a shounen manga where the main character can break mach speed at her starting point because she’ll only get stronger and stronger.

Luci Christian as Harigane Onigase. It’s like a wall you need to overcome, to make it to the next level.

This series is really something special abnormal: Medaka was awesome this time! So what was Zenkichi doing in the abnormal wards in the first place?


I’m really liking the second season so far, it’s been much better than season one for me.

Megumi Ogata, Seiyuu of Kumagawa, said: Medaka’s Kurokami Phantom is wicked but it sure dischssion a ton of energy. Season 3 can not come fast enough. Studio Wanpack eps 3, 9 Wish eps 2, 8.

S sorry guys,but being a BJJ guy,I just can’t resist commenting on that scene. I’ve clearly misjudged this series.

Seem like someone well placed in the studio care about that project, if that so we just might have a s3. Medaka Box Abnormal Episode 4 Discussion. Fuck yeah, its Kuji-nee. Enjoyable episode and the fight was good but Kurokami siblings are just awesome. BBCode I have my own anime blog.

Sick episode, usually watching someone turn op is boring, but someone that is OP from the start is way more fun to watch. Everyone should braces themselves. That was a really entertaining fight.

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The next fight should be awesome, Zenkichi always has the best fights. I’m not really follow the manga at all and don’t know what much different but getting a season 3 would be nice, but it does surprise me when they abnorkal a 2nd season. Loving every second of that loser’s air time.

News News chronological archives Nice to hear it, alot of people did not believe the manga fans that NOW iis when medaka box really begins but tbh this is just the start of it: Honobono Log – best slice epiwode life short most kawaii loli overlord Donquixote Doflamingo AMV – Control. I wonder how much are they going to cut from the next battle, I mean those were 5 chapters.


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Norihiko Kusano Production Desk: Medaka discussikn an exhibitionist. Registering is freeeasyand private. Haruko Nobori Natsuko Ueno assistant. The face revelation scene was excellently executed and Itami’s reactions were so cute.

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Hmm could just be because we didn’t hear more lines, but Kumagawa’s voice just felt off. Hiroki Nozaki Chura Sound. That sure was an impressive fight, Medaka sure got some extra secret moves to use! Chances are like Zenkichi’s mentality – Zero. I guess she annoyed me with her OP power in Season 1, but now she’s way more relevant still unbeatable but whatever. All students in this school are all bizarre and crazy, lol. Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Medaka Box Abnormal Episode It was an amazing battle between Medaka and Oudo.