Marshall has come out with scores of amps and only a few have survived and even less than that have been reissued or re-released. This thing is also very loud and can maintain its quality tone at these loud volumes. Wow, now I need that second cab to go with it. It is two amps in one. It’s got the effects send and return which I use with my RP processer but I like the sound I get from the amp better. Recently my clean channel has started to have an overdrive tone to it, even at very low volumes and with the gain knob turned almost all the way down.

You would have to find it on the used market at this point. The amp’s only disadvantage is its weight: Log in Become a member. At these settings it should be a nice bright clean sound, but seems to have taken on characteristics of OD2. This unit is perfect for that. So again i take it back and get a third amp, that was about 3 weeks ago, and now this fan is shot. Fender Mustang I V. You have several models in this series line but this one was all by itself in this feature.

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Find the lowest price on the internet, print it, and walk into the store. I’ve been playing in bands for the past ten years and have owned many different amps. Never could get the tone I wanted.


I will deries 60 this year so garage bands are way back in my rearview mirror. The contour feature is a great feature that Marshall has been implementing in their amps.

But it definitely sounds better with the master volume jacked up!!!!

The construction quality is irreleavant because the whole amp depends on a 3 dollar plasctic fan. This amp more than does the job. That seems to be the case. As I said I wanted to be able to travel light and still crank. By marshhall our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Save on Guitar Amplifiers Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

This thing is also very loud and can maintain its quality tone at these loud volumes.

The scoop feature is very useful and dramatically changes the sound so turn it slowly to hear the different nuances of tonal variey. When this happens the amp shuts down and if you don’t have a backup your screwed!! Mg25d0fx wanted a combo that had the Marshall mg250ddx and would really rock on its own without having to take my 4 X 12 cab everywhere.

This item was found in a storage unit. Fender Nashville Squier Telecaster.

Originally written by sonic. This is a good solid amp for those looking to own a full sized Marshall amp on a budget. The amp’s only disadvantage is its weight: This amp is very solidly built and it looks great sitting on top of my MG cabinet. The clean tone was ok and the distortion was adequate.


Marshall MG250DFX 100 watt Guitar Amp

I would buy it again. I’m at a loss jarshall explain this and will have to take to the shop to have it look at. It’s got it all. You can find much better amps out there for this price. This review was originally published on http: I bought the marshall because I did like the sound in the store and trusted the name if something would go wrong.

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For me this was the best investmant equipment-wise I’ve ever made. Anyway, I didn’t take this one back. To me, for sdries guitarist, especially for rock, Marshall is the ultimate amp.

When i bought the amp it was a floor model.

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I found the sdries to be quite nice especially the delay, its very clean, and of course it has the good old marshall distortion when you want it. Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. Fender Stratocaster Squier Electric Guitar.