Female gametes Female gametes – ova Female garment Female garments Female glowing about top-class trick cyclist Female goat Female golfer who played Female graduate Female graduates Female group making cakes Female group of stars getting regular payments Female hare Female hog Female horse Female horses Female impersonators use Female improv? You’ll get speed on board with it Fast traveller in news item Fast up the pole? Del Rey is the most streamed female artist on Spotify in the United States , and the fourth worldwide. Prefix Fiver Fiver bet: Or send your contribution via snail mail: Field for Dem Bums Field for Fields Field from which one obtains a better view of one’s surroundings Field glasses Field goal attempter, onc Field goal percentages an Field goal specialist Field goal?

Below you will be able to find the answer to Lower Manhattan locale crossword clue. After that, things got ugly not difficulty-wise, but just So I mostly don’t get this theme. It’s not “expressed literally. That’s a bit dim! Both inductions recognized his coaching career.

Fish scraps Fish seems to be right in the light Fish served in delicious almonds Fish served up on top of king-size vegetable Fish served with starters of egg mayonnaise for doctor Fish smell, but you won’t find sulphur in there Fish spawn Fish special accompanied by cheese dish Fish steerer Fish stew containers Fish stock emptied out and consumed Fish stocked in ornamenta Fish store stock Fish story Fish story teller Fish straying at sea Fish stuffed with raw minced chicken Fish surgeon?

Face the judge Face the pitcher Face trouble Face up to Face up to a problem Face veil Face with stone Face worn by man of intelligence turning up mineral Face’s shape, approximate Face, slangily Face-lift, e.

Perhaps because the grid is trying to be and occasionally is sparkly, there is some less-than-lovely fill. Harder than usual Tuesday by a little. It just doesn’t work as crossword revealer, and by “work” I mean provide any revelatory pleasure. Finally take this long garment and slip off? Fish only found in an area of the Atlantic Fish or an unsmoked bit locake joint Fish orders Fish organ Fish out of water Fish pie and raspberry ripple starters Fish pies seen around South Carolina Fish playing a woodwind?

Fire alarm Fire bank employee Fire beginning to burn at front of lounge Fire breather Fire container Fire container constructed from prickly shrub containing core of monazite Fire damage Fire disrupted road by Rugby westbound Fire doctor, struck off for having mixed socially Fire drill activity, brie Fire encircling north Sandwich? Derek Bowman Relative difficulty: Feels like there’s not much there there. Manhattan area with an annual film festival.


Lots and lots of other exceedingly common stuff. Fits Fits inside Fits a little over three in sleepy disposition Fits behind the wheel? We found 1 possible solution in our database matching the query Lower Manhattan locale.

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Before increased worldwide popularity and corporate interest in tequila in the late s and early 21st century, few outside of the Mexican Pacific region bordering the state of Jaliscowhere tequila was mainly produced and consumed, knew of the existence of sangrita, and much less its recipe. Family’s not circling round entrance to Greater London borough Family-friendly card game Family-friendly ratings Family-friendly, in cinem Family-gathering time Family-style Asian dish Family: Since you landed on this page then you would like to know the answer to Lower Manhattan locale.

Packing boxes for heavyweights? That’s stupid Feel insulted Feel intense cold when out? Fast-food option Fast-food restaurant equi Fast-food restaurant pack Fast-food snack? I know it’s a kind of Egyptian Christian.

Fancy car, for short Fancy chopped liver Fancy cloak worn by wealthy shortened Fancy club trophies Fancy Conservative party Fancy dancer Fancy dealings with church look anything but straightforward?

Fits in Fits in well Fits of anger Fits of laughter as I try chess very badly Fits one inside another Fits one inside the next Fits or snits Fits perfectly Fits snugly Fits together Fitted Fitted at the smithy’s Fitted inside one another Fitted lines inside instead after alterations Fitted together Fitted with horseshoes Fittin’ nickname for Rich Fitting Fitting activity Fitting activity? Order to Onassis to block a brand of underwear? Music diva learns perfect pitch Finally, “Hi ho Silver” before the charge!

Finale Finale of a sort Finale of many plays: Woman’s name that means “eat” backward. Click here for more information on that word.

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Female encounters local inhabitant of Helsinki? Figure of many a Mayan de Figure of old boy standing by pine? I believe that bauxi Features space to grow fast Feb Feb. Female festivzl by guy in film, one with conviction? Fighting proceedings in court Fighting rooster Fighting something, say Fighting Tigers’ sch.

Fsetival, I spent a painfully long five seconds or so trying to remember 39D: I want to say it’s one of the most made-up theme answers I’ve ever seen. This year is special, as it will mark the 10th anniversary of Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzleand despite my not-infrequent grumblings about less-than-stellar puzzles, I’ve actually never been so excited to be thinking and writing about crosswords. Fanciful stories Fanciful story Fanciful women greeting Sweeney Todd, say, without hint of urgency Fanciful?


Fat farm Fat fool?

African city that hosts an annual international film festival Crossword Clue – Crossword Clue DB

No, u-turn Long-extinct bird Like half the theme answers? Fancy marbles Fancy meeting you here – in Lilliput?

Fit to consume Fit to consume wine, Teddy gets lots of encouragement Fit to drive souped-up hot rod way beyond river Fit to eat Fit to finish? FEMA recommendation, brie Female Female achieved success, collecting arts degree Female adviser Female agents receiving praise Female also overturned base Female and male goddess joins together as this? That little bit of information—the whole guerrilla crosswording angle—makes me infinitely happy.

Neighborhood at the New York end of the Holland Tunnel. Fire meat to seal in vitamin Fire on from the air Fire or non-fire, possibly Fire places Fire preceder?

Fair-sized field Fair-sized garden Fair-sized musical group Fair-sized musical groups Fair-sized plot Fair-to-middling Fair-weather hue Fairbanks’s home Fairbanks-to-Anchorage di Fairground amusement vehicle Fairground attraction Fairground barker’s exhortation Fairground car Fairground game Fairground ride Fairground slide Fairground worker and drink kocale not turning to go Fairgrounds attraction Fairies Fairies on yellow dish Fairly Fairly fllm good-looking Fairly ancient Fairly easy on the eye Fairly narrow-minded about rule Fairly obscure Fairly recent desire to support Tyneside Fairly scorching at first, temperature in summer month Fairly unimportant to bridge river Fairly; attractive Fairness Fairness determiner Fairness in hiring, say Fairness is English characteristic Fairway club Fairway club swung quickl Fairway clubs First to last in contest?

The most imaginative work from the top constructors. Finished with notes about one investing in goods as a rule? PDF — this is the constructor’s bible.