A young boy who witnessed the suicide of a mafia lawyer hires an attorney to protect him when the District Attorney tries to use him to take down a mob family. And a mysterious woman known only as Marlee contacts both Rohr and Fitch telling them the jury’s for sale to either of them–and that the verdict won’t come cheap. Everybody loses, just not me. Ted Manson as Pulaski. Marcus Hester as Kyle Murphy. Legal thriller isn’t aimed at kids. Henry Darrow as Sebald. You gonna bring Jacob Wood back to life?

I’ve only seen one film by director Gary Fleder before this one, and here he delivers a terrific drama that manages to really be entertaining enough despite its flaws, and it’s one of those cases where the performances save the film from being a total bore, as the story itself is nothing too elaborate. Oct 22, Full Review…. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. A lot of famous faces populate the courtroom in this overplotted and farfetched tale of jury-tampering, but they and the horse they rode in on are all so mired in illogical, head-scratching incoherence, they need lawyers of their own. Sure the premise stretches plausibility but the overqualified cast John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman do a fantastic job giving the proceedings depth and intrigue. Already have an account? I wanna go home. Marguerite Moreau as Amanda Monroe.


Wendell Rohr is a torts lawyer taking on the gun lobby. A juror on the inside and a woman on the outside manipulate a court trial involving a major gun manufacturer.

Jeremy Piven as Lawrence Green. Lori Heuring as Maxine.

Runaway Jury

Davis as Phillip Savelle. Charlie Detraz as Reporter No. Overall, the film is well done, entertaining, and tells an engaging story that is sure to appeal to viewers that enjoy a good courtroom drama.

The only acceptable result is the perfect jury to vote in favor of his client. Sally Grishm Roberts as Reporter with Cable.

Don Hood as Potential Juror No. Guy Torry as Eddie Weese. Mark Krasnoff as Agressive Reporter. Brown as Potential Juror No. Dylan McDermott as Jacob Woods.

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What do you hope to achieve if you win? Nick Searcy as Doyle. He will know everything about their lives, and strategically manipulate the jury selection process.

Basically a good thriller, that is worth watching, but don’t expect too much, you might feel let down. A young lawyer joins a prestigious law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side. The mix of thrills, mixed with the courtroom aspect of the story goes well hand in hand, and it johnn for an even more compelling picture.

His opponent is ostensibly the attorney representing the corporation. One of the jurors, Nick Easter, seems to have his own plan for swaying the panel. Marcus Hester as Kyle Murphy. Don Henderson Joh as Thernstrom.


A guilty pleasure for some, a waste of time for most. Joun Moreau as Amanda Monroe. But there is someone on the inside. Eric Paulsen as Reporter No.

I wanna go home. Margo Moorer as Kaufman. Gerry Bamman as Herman Grimes. Apr 29, Full Review…. Rhoad Griffis as Rikki Coleman.

Trials are too important to be decided by juries. In a urteiil attempt to prove his innocence, a skilled police negotiator accused of corruption and murder takes hostages in a government office to gain the time he needs to find the truth. Hackman, Weisz and Cusack are all on top form for this one, but Hoffman’s Character seemed to lack a little depth. As in all his films, there’s a sense that honest human emotion bores Fleder, but he gets points for packing the trial with fine character actors, all of them adept at wringing humor and poignancy from cliche.

Judge Harkin Jeremy Piven