Retsu came in and checked on his little brother, annoying him as he left. Later on, he’s checking the list of schedules and what to do as a butler. As Milky left, Pink consulted to Professor Decorski about the strange prediction she told the group. The next day, Ruby, Pink, Sapphie and Kiichi were going fishing in the lake to catch some Saury, and Ruby is impatient seeing she wanted to catch a Sparkling Saury for fer collection. At class, the group notices Coarumi being depressed with Pink not knowing what’s going on with her. As she is saddened that the town is deserted, she then saw Retsu coming in front of her, somehow making her disappointed. The next attempt is at a beauty shop where Blue Knight decides to give her a massage, thought it was a success on making her fluffy again, it also failed as she goes back to her rocky state.

But luck got into a bad turn after she had lunch when it started to rain. He then sees something shining in the mountains and thinks it is another Deco Stone as he decides to investigate it, but he returns scared. They then saw a fallen bamboo leaf moving on its own and Ruby catches it. With her anger boiling up, she used her Jewel Magic and take the group to another dimension called Smoothland, where everything is as smooth as a bald man’s head. Garnet however thinks Blue is his sheep, which emotionally hurts him and making Garnet sad. As they arrive at the said place later on, Pink and the Jewelpets began their search on the Deco Stone nearby. As they encountered the Gorilla King, they were surprised on what he’s wearing:

The group got worried as Angela was sentenced to years and two months’ worth of imprisonment as the police takes the Alpaca Jewelpet away.

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The other Jewelpets go and help her, but in an unexpected turn of events, all 5 of them fall to the raging rivers below and into an unknown island far from Jewel Town. Six Volumes were released so far.

They were also disheartened on how the Decoranian were making progress on obtaining the Deco Stones from Pink and her friends. As he passed out, the corrupted Deco Stone floated away from his hideout and into somewhere. With her anger jeweppet up, she used her Jewel Magic and take the group to another dimension called Smoothland, where everything is as smooth as a bald man’s head.

On the other hand, both Pink and Ruby were searching for Milky while Coal, Opal and Io were tailing the two, plotting on taking the Deco Stone for themselves. As their quest continues, they both encountered Sapphie and got into another battle, which ended well while getting their first clue.


Will Coarumi cheer up despite the sadness she feels? The three discussed about their brightly decorated Jewel Pods until Labra and Angela arrives. As Pink and Ruby agreed to search for the Ice Egg, will they able to find the said item while saving Decoristmas this year? Will they ever save the others from Coal this time around? Professor Decorski revealed her true identity to everyone as Jewelina’s Spirit reborn in a new body as she fuses with Jewelina’s statue, transforming into Decolina.

However, not knowing to the two that they were being watched by two of the Four Heavenly Kings. The gang thinks it is a Deco Stone and decided to investigate it in the valley of the wind. As they got punished to wear wigs, they all started to glow and take everyone into another dimension only finding out they’re also Deco Stones. But as she uses Garnet’s Jewel Pod to cast magic and fail, she started crying until they arrived at the Kira Kira Shop.

Coal, after sending the letter, is determined that tonight will be his chance to get all the Deco Stones to be sent to Decoranian. As the time passes by each of the humans and the Jewelpets are ambushed by someone and they all ended up out cold and hanging upside down. In the present time, Ruby, a Rabbit Jewelpet and owner of the Kira Kira Shop, has a thing on sparkly decorations and loves to collect anything that sparkles and shines.

The Kira Deco 5 fought back against him while Kiichi is blocking his attacks and protecting the rest of the citizens. The group decides to find out further as they a hike in the mountains. However in the morning, Ruby was disappointed and worse, the denizens of Jewel Town didn’t got a visit from DecoSanta. Back to Kaiser’s home, he then researched more about Pink and Ruby, on how he can break off their friendship to claim the Deco Stones from them.

The group also has the same goal on wanting to collect the Deco Stones and they befriended the Jewelpets, especially to Pink. Ruby and Pink fought back but the combined efforts of Coal and Opal were too great for the both of them, even started to take down Ruby’s friends one by one in space. Back at Jewel Town, Pink and the others were waiting for Ruby and the others to come back, not knowing that Ruby and the others were missing.

As everyone left Retsu, he then prepared himself to search for another Deco Stone.

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Back at Coal’s place, Coal enjoying his coffee as he left the place after he smelled something strange. In a worst case scenario, he attacked everyone in the land including the civilians, turning everything to coal, taking down Jewelina’s statue from the mountains above and turning the sun pitch black. Determined to get stronger, he decides to leave Jewel Town to train himself and to become stronger. As Pink is starting to have feelings of love to someone, is she about to fall in love once again?


As the arrived at the said place, Tour used his dark magic on him, but eplsode no effect. She tried to flirt him also but rejected her pleas, as the gang noticed something different about him.

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She was then reminded of her feud with pink back then and decides to forget about her as he feeds her with a chocolate, not knowing to the bunny that Kaiser is planning something bad for her. Coal, Io and Opal successfully returned to their hideout with him wanting to be given another chance by Decoranian.

Ruby and her friends decided to cheer her up and relift her spirits. As Ruby and Pink heard a familiar voice, they then saw Peridot frozen in Ice as Ruby used her jewel magic to free her.

As Ruby herself thought the place had another Deco Stone, Coal and his lackeys appeared and went ahead, only falling to the moat after falling for the bridge trap. As everyone admires her, Io is starting to have feelings for her.

The group had their short celebration until a call from Professor Decorski told them he was coming to Jewel Land. At the Kira Kira shop, the other members of the KiraDeco 5 awakens on the strange noise inside the shop as both Ruby and Pink were doing some failed renovations inside the shop. Two songs were made for both the Opening and Ending themes of the series.

Jewelpet Universe Jewel Pod. How will Garnet correct the mistakes she makes in front of Blue? Coarumi had a good time with him, also becoming sad at the same time. However, when she and the others learn about the legend of the Mirror Ball and the Deco Stones, they all decided to go and search for them, until they all meet five strange individuals called the KiraDeco 5.

However, the mall has been overgrown with a lot of plants, making their trials a lot harder.