I very much believe what I am saying is not biased and it is all from what I and my friends experienced. I do not think that his english is so bad. All you have given comments on this post…I am asking you all, can you show me a institute with this kind of infrastructures and facilities to student community? So the people who were talking of the administrative skills of this asshole … he is a curse on education…. Jeppiar has 4 girls and so their is no possibility for the statement. This is the same mentality that leads to honor killings if young people fall in love or marry outside their communities. Infact when i compare Muthuramalingam and JPR. The world members will recognise you as Sathyabama students 2.

It is interesting to note that his English is funny and evokes side-splitting laughter. Youth is the lifeline of every nation and our country boasts of really talented, wise and progressive young people. He is a great person to learn english. All the pussyholes and dickholes who support jpr are lesbians and homosexuals. Nice to read…read it fully.. Where are you studying? Please get a life first u cunts.

Accepted, don v hav friends to party with?

One must take this merely as a joke. All these random jokes have existed for many, many years. Most of the boys who studied or stuying are forced and compelled by their parents fully.


A coin has two sides. But are we speaking perfect English…? Though his college s known for infrastructure and other bla blas the fees charged over there s fifty times more than wat s being fixed by the state… especialy many faculties over there are ass jeppiaar

Here Is A List Of Jeppiaar’s Top 8 English Phrases.. Which Are Hilarious AF!!

Let the atmosphere come in. The college is ruled by the uniformed rowdies and Dadas. Strictly speaking, the students those who are studying in Dr.

I cannot believe there are still some people who support and admire him. I finally got liberated and was able to re-build myself and I excelled both in my studies and now I am settled with a good job abroad. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But he delivered what he wanted to deliver clearly.

So I give respect to this man. The fact that these engineering colleges flourish shows the sick-mindedness of the parents themselves.

Funny English

Eng,ish this question to you….? Never stepped foot into the damn place since and never will. September 11, at 4: Who made Tamil nadu a total literate state.

I am not a student of JPR college. RAJ ur english shows that u r a product of jepppiaar college. Can those people just ask some honest question to themselves?


All students who study in Sathybama are not even fit to graduate.

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Your rules will be automatically implemented. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He is Homosexual guy and had engljsh from our batch who cooperates with him in sex.

But when i visited satya bhama as a vendor in They all have rosen from roots.

The leader is a dada. Share Twitter Facebook Reddit. A coin is not valid only with one side. This site uses cookies. I am sure even till today, it is money his god of worship. You get job, jeppiaar the happy. comedj

Where are you studying? Why did revolution in education. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Now-a-days jpr has improved his english by communicating more and more in these past years.