When Miley reveals herself on television as Hannah, Rico is shocked and horrified that he couldn’t see the obvious, unable to talk to anyone afterward. He reads his mother’s “chick magazines,” watches soap operas with his grandmother, and lets Miley give him a manicure in the episode “Cuffs Will Keep Us Together. In the pilot episode Jackson gets paid to model Miley’s Hannah clothes for Fermine. Lilly was born in and grew up in California and was childhood friends with Oliver. They make-up again after Rico helped them get back together by writing a fake poem and send it to Lilly but signed as “Oliver Oken”. In pre-school , Lilly held Oliver’s hand for his crayons, with the reasoning, “He had the pack with the sharpener! But after she hears that Miley does not like her staying with them, she goes to stay at her dad Kenneth’s Jon Cryer apartment only to find it even worse than the Stewart’s house. However, Lilly and Matt reconcile at the end of the episode after Miley was found liable for Lilly’s suffering in the Teen Court.

In Season 3, Lilly is seen in a lot of episodes to be wearing a gold heart necklace. In “Once, Twice, Three Times Afraidy”, she gazed at Tim, an old friend from camp, causing Oliver to point to the menu on the side, showing his muscles. In the episode ” He Could Be the One “, Jackson does not take part in the actual story, but appears as a third-person omniscient narrator , although even in this role he appears in character. Lilly experiences a few short-lived dating relationships and only one serious one. In the first two episodes, Oliver is an overly enthusiastic Hannah Montana fan, saying “Hannah Montana is a goddess! Lilly is a huge fan of Hannah Montana even before she learns Miley’s secret. Because of this he only has a recurring role in season 4 and is not credited as part of the main cast. This is a list of Hannah Montana main characters from the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana portrayed by the main cast.


He is also very funny. On several occasions Jackson even goes to great lengths to help Miley when she gets herself in serious trouble. Miley thinks that all she has to do is wait till Lilly moves onto someone else and that Oliver will change his mind. Oliver has a small role in xeason film because Mitchel Musso was working on his music career during the bgg.

In the pilot episode Jackson gets paid to model Miley’s Hannah clothes for Fermine. In Season 2, Lilly starts wearing wristbands in all colors and also in Season 3.

Lilly and Miley have an especially close friendship. Emily Osment has said that she has around 80 wigs for Lola, and that her personal favorites are the purple and white wigs.

Miley and Lilly then hatch a plan to get Oliver back only to find out that Oliver was in fact, practicing saying “I love you” so he could say it to Lilly. She wore a beret to school and said “Oui, Oui” so much that people started calling her “Tinkles Truscott”.

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Pages with citations using unsupported parameters Pages with citations lacking titles CS1 maint: In “We Are Family: This is possibly an error on Musso’s part, as ones sometimes look like sevens. However, before he met her, he had spread a rumour that she ate possum.

However, Matt gets turned off by Lilly’s new look and stands her up. After he fails, Rico gets him a real job as a video game tester saying though it was hard for him that Jackson is his best friend which Jackson reciprocates.

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Afterward, Ahnnah manages to talk some sense into Oliver, causing him to make up with Lilly. His billionaire parents are often mentioned but never seen.


He takes pride in his hair, and his shampoo collection. His catchphrases include his greeting, “Hey-O! Goode”, she says she takes piano lessons on Wednesday.

He sees everyone else as a direct competitor and becomes extremely jealous whenever someone makes money. This episode takes place during their 9th grade year.

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Hannah Montana cast 2. Views Read View source View history. Rico is usually successful in his practical jokes on Jackson because of his virtually unlimited financial resources. He is known for his goofy, lazy and disgusting habits. They attended prom together in Promma Mia. Since he has never had any romantic feelings for Miley, Oliver is freed from his Hannah obsession, but remains close personal friends with Miley.

Lilly starts montxna most significant and successful relationship when she started dating Oliver Oken in season 3 of the series. All together, Rico has appeared in 58 episodes. Her rivals, when she is Miley, are Amber and Ashley.

She tries to keep the fact that she is Hannah Montana a secret but has told several people during the duration of the series, such as Lilly, Oliver, Sienna, Jake, and Jesse. Perhaps as a result of a Napoleon complexRico uses his money and influence to put other people down.

He makes a total of five appearance in that season as montzna recurring character.