So-So, by Komal Nahta, koimoi: This movie is all about Reality, how a Guy faces all odds and decides to die with dignity. Thanks Sanchit, I guess if you had seen all the Original Movies mentioned here then it surely would have been a completely different case. With the love of friends and his beloved Sofia, he continues to battle the struggles. Guzaarish is an art museum. Not only that, Hrithik Roshan too lends his vocals to What a Wonderful World, which will probably delight his legion of fans. Tell us what you think of these ratings.

So, Guzaarish is about Ethan, who was once the best magician of the world, and now living as a ‘vegetable with a brain’. Guzaarish movie is a big time bore, don’t waste your money; LovinglyRohit: I have watched the original so many times that Patty Duke’s performance is etched in my brain. And and and The Man himself Rather watch this on Netflix: Hi Shilpa, I am back after a year on Reuters. Each shot is worth a photograph in frame.

Saw Guzarish, acting of the actors was very nice, especially Hrithik guzasrish, but I think something is missing in the film, feel incomplete dhavaldange: Bansali is one genius in IFI. What if you are hit with this situation in your prime? Overall the movie is excellent. Without doubt, Guzaarish is one of the most profound, insightful and enriching dramas of the year. Guzaarish is definately a must watch. Best part of the flick is the support which is shown in the form of doctor, lawyer and nurse.

It’s a hotpotch of smal scenes badly stitched 2gthr haphazardly.

Joydeep has posted 46 comments and has rated 10 movies. Highly recommended, and it goes into my shortlist as a possible addition amongst the best this year has to offer. Bus ek guzarish hai. But I really cant appreciate any kind of beautiful direction of visual delight which is in reality based on all borrowed concept and scenes.

I felt as if the magical performances were made to look attractive by glittering the screen instead of going for better special effects. Amazing acting by iHrithik and Aishwarya Rai Monikngna is very seductive, Aditya is cute. Spectacular performance from Duggu Hrithik has raised the bar for himself after this performance. SLB did it again. Sure, there might be guzaariwh movie that has just that one thing that bothers me so much that the rest of the film doesn’t matter.


Guzaarish is brilliant in parts moody in others.

A true story of Chris Reeve by himself. It will be more liked by the true good-story-acting-experience loving spectators. The major drawback to the film is for sure the excessive use of English. The plot of rivalry between two magicians leading to the conspiracy which has caused Ethan serious injuries was too very abrupt, it looks as if his rival comes out of the blue and vanishes without any introduction; on top of that Ethan teaches his tricks of magic to his son Omar Siddiqui which was mofie Nonsense!!!

Still not quite meeting the expected.

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The film is shot almost entirely in a haze of diffused light and a blue palette interrupted only by the red lipstick worn by Sofia. And the only thing I could figure out that people doesn’t have even mind to understand movies or to be precise, Cinema. Hritik perfomance in guzaarish goes beyond brillance wonder how he would beat this one ethan stays with you forever anasingh: Other factors essentially remain typical SLB style: The other primary reason for the movie’s powerful impact is that the ensembles of actors deliver their finest performances.

Aishwarya Rai is a symptom of just how not aligned Bhansali’s vision and audience expectations are – she looks smothered in blindingly-gaudy make-up and incongruous clothing, and doesn’t give you anything else to remember her in this movie for What did not Note: I hardly watch movies twice but for guzarish that’s not the case. Hrithik Roshan continues to grown in depth and breadth, and makes the audience sympathize deeply, regardless of their views on euthanasia.


But awards doesn’t matter or even the box office revenues too, as you have done a job that would be remembered for a long time. To my surprise I was reading the box office reviews and found that the movie has badly flopped. Harry Potter has released Perhaps not seen anything this different since Rock On!! And its not often that such movies get the praise the they deserve.

Epic performance by iHrithik. The music is also by Bhansali and while the few songs may not be chart busters, the background score is operatic in its expanse and adds to the mood of the various scenes.

Oct 20, Rating: Guzaarish is a must watch movie. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the perfectly chiseled curator and Hrithik Roshan an almost statue. Guzaarish breaks boundaries and brings Bollywood a beautiful story and film. One awesome movie is Guzarish. Guzaarish is typical Bhansali. The problem is subplots. Saw Guzarish yest late nite seems good movie after a longtym.

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Hrithik bhai guzarish to hit hai tension not. Excellent piece of cinema. Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself handles the music department of the movie, and the songs are pretty good, though most of them are situational. I feel sorry for the team but they should must clumax the critic and viewer’s reviews.

Hrithik really stepped into the skin of the character Just now seen guzaarish,hritik acting awesome Bhansali is back, the screenplay could have been much better. I watched it once and enjoyed the movie as a whole and on the second next day I watched it again only for roshan’s acting.