Ice Climbers or Fire Walkers will do if you dont have them though. On this date, we will archive the site in an effort to preserve the history. Very nice build, thank you! For me, I was stuck at GR39, ran through a couple lower grifts before 45 to get used to the feel of the new build and skill placements and completed 45 the first try. Only one Law may be active at a time. Thanks for this build, I never would’ve thought of doing this on my own and it made that conquest nearly trivial! What are the free sets this season? I really want that stash tab.

So here is my experience with it: Empowering the Law also increases Armor for you and your allies by for 5 seconds. Please chime in on this. Season 16 Starter Guide! A viable alternative if you didn’t have the ring would be a Helltooth or Stone of Jordan – but getting a socket and decent rolls on those two is VERY difficult. Ok so for the Wizard I had some holes.

With this guide, GR45 was extremely easy with my Crusader at about Having thorns on just half your items with most of the base stat rolls you need will shave mins off this already lightning fast build. What Difficulty while leveling? I used this build to clear a GR45 on my first attempt today with just shy of 9 coonquest to spare.

The Thrill: GR No Set Items Conquest (ALL CLASSES) | Team BRG

Ice Climbers or Fire Walkers will do if you dont have them though. Equip whatever follower you want with the legendary trinket which wont clnquest them die, then equip yourself and your follower with Unity rings.


Recite the Law, healing you and seadon allies for Life per second. Used FW instead of Illusory Boots Used an ancient bracer instead of Sanguinary Vambraces Used ancient pox faulds instead of Hexing Pants I died a couple times and I did manage to do the rift but it was 3 minutes over time.

I didn’t have any shoulders or a leoric’s, so I used the Akkarat’s Awakening shield for more CDR, an Andariel’s Visage helm and crafted a Corruption for shoulders and it was a total breeze – had 8 minutes left. Simple guide here, how to beat certain conquests and achievements which require you to beat Greater Rifts without set items.

Preferably a belt that has the 6 second drop down rate, as opposed to the slower 8 second roll. Just a question – how the zodiac ring works with this build as there are no spenders in it?

Bane of the Trapped. Please enter your name here. Don’t forget you can use a Hellfire amulet here for that 5th passive option too choose “Indestructible”. Bane of the Powerful.

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You weren’t kidding – this was all kinds of easy. The Justice Lantern ring or even just the Illusiary boots are already more than enough damage mitigation alone, especially in a low GR level like Very nice build, thank you!

Recite the Law, granting you and your allies diaglo resistance to all elements.

This build is actually really strong. Taunt the first enemy hit by your Primary skills for 2 seconds.

Damage and crowdcontrol was ok. Thanks for the great guide.

The Thrill: GR No Set Items Conquest (ALL CLASSES)

D3 Guide Directory September 20, Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. Maybe we want a unity there or some offensive ring is available i assume. The build above is a non-Thorns variant.


Boyarsky’s Crusadee is mandatory. Stricken helps with this build massively. With this guide GR45 was extremly easy with my monk at about Thanks for the help!!! The consecrated ground becomes covered in nails. Diablo 3 Season 16 Start Guide!

The shield will ricochet to 3 nearby enemies. Bed of Nails The consecrated ground becomes covered in nails.

Curse Help Register Sign In. But seriously man… thorns again? Last edited by adambjjoz: Hexing Pants of Mr. The damage wasnt working.

This effect rotates through the elements available to your class in the following order: You will certainly clear any GR45 — but never ever in time. You can wield a two-handed weapon in your main hand while bearing a shield in your off hand.

Do i need The stat thorn in AS many items as possible or dies this build work without thorns as well? The first time you take fatal damage while Akarat’s Champion is active, you will be returned to full health. The one thing I would advise anyone trying for “The Thrill” achievement, almost mandatory, is regarding your follower. Made this as DH at tne Realistically though, anything with cooldown reduction, area damage and strength with a socket will do.