Dont put dahleez of air.. Adarsh takes Swadheenta with her and leaves. Nd I dnt know hw the evryone is nt serious abt arvind.. Suhu was sitting n back seat otherwise there was for sure jiya re moment. Yes we shd applaud the cbs for such a brilliant script? Swadheenta informs it to adarsh. I seriously want the writers to use their sense as any lawyer could ask Yash y did not they took asad into custody wen they had time and even wen Yash was in contact with asad Just dragging the case without logic.

Here bcoz of negligence n selfish reasons a martyr has been dec terrorist n a liar as a brave soldier. We have seen such goof up rather ignorance by the police even in the Talwar case where if the weapon is handled only by the criminal without anybody else touching it then it has meaning. Arvind says I m thinking something else. Goldie 14th Jun – 3: The man says Swadheenta is supporting terrorists. Young Desi PSL 4.

Gangaa 13th June Written Episode Update. Here both r gog out of the way to collect evidences as their loved ones are involved immagine if it was just some random lawyer fightg asads case wud he hav the same passion. So looked like a big bully! Hi all, Nice to see so many posts. Thy will fredu s at blast site n did u see that 3rd hearing video she s going to b roaring lioness n suhu s sitting n chair thinking i m sure she did not go to blast site n adarsh s flat seeing ths roaring lioness.

How can he be so mean?? Suhasini says I will say why he took 5 hours, Yash raided in the flat, then he knew blasts will happen today, Yash and his team failed two blasts completely, its only because of this man, scooty shop and Sinha house did not had blasts, else there would be three blasts in city, the army officer who risked life and saved city and many lives, that army officer is questioned, this is disgusting and shameful.


Police comes there and stops the crowd.

Being an Army Officer ge is doing this. Bekaar Bloopers Volume 1 Bekaar Films. Such a lot of crap in this serial.


I m sure suhu wud have come to his defence saying we cant doubt such a royal brave soldier who saved so many lives. The story follows their journey from hate to discovering love. Goldie 14th Jun – 9: Sasha 14th Jun – This is what I was earlier telling about social values and episdoe impact of TV and films on it.

Differentiating between 2 religious???? Bilal says if Yash was with Asad that episoe, why did he say in court that Asad is terrorist. But horrifying to us.? Yash is such a cheap!!! Super cars with super car Blondie.

Fed up with all drxma rubbish. Narnia 14th Jun – 8: Sign in Recover your password. Sonya 14th Jun – 1: Bilal says even I m thinking same. Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar — Very good point noted. Zoya and Aditya meet in the most unfortunate circumstances. Yes the boi is back in business I hope.

I m sure he s following suhu to ensure there s no foul play n a fair game s played s i m sure the way the royal liar was thinking n answering he might hav guessed by now that something s not rite.

Goldie 14th Jun – 3: Yash says yes, I called Sinha house and sent my team there. Terrorists bhi innocent people ko maar rahe aur Police aur Army bhi innocent people ko maar rahi aur jo marne se bach gaya use court se faansi dilwa rahi,aur Army ko Medal.

I m sure he s following suhu to ensure there s no foul play n a fair game s played s i m sure the way the royal liar was thinking n answering he might hav epksode by now that something s not rite I m also sure suhu has guessed that no wonder she wants to go to blast site but this liar will talk her into not gog n she might trust him which she will repent later.


American Eskimo Dog Vs. As she alwayz wanted girl from a rich family with gud education as she thinks with rich family n gud education means gud values come by default n according to her poor rrama r criminal mind with no values.

Country is seeing episoed with hope to get justice, to get criminals punished, hope to get decision soon, thank you. Beautiful Pakistan Naran to lake Saif ul Malook.

Dehleez Ep – :: Watch Pakistani Dramas and live channels

Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay. Yes we shd applaud the cvs for such a brilliant script? That is why she interrupted Swad many times when he was grilled by her. The story of Shaheer, Hania and Mantasha is of tragedy, rivalry and betrayal.

Yash should b punished!!! If fingerprint swipes are not taken properly often the report remains inconclusive. As usual muslims are stigmatized. Rishton ka chakravyuh TV Series All you need to know about Istanbul Goldie 14th Jun – How can this yash be so shameless being an army officer…just because his one sided relationship he wl create such a shit.

Swadheenta says its there, Yash told about the two calls, Yash reached the flat at 4. He have no honesty at all? Aladdin Special Look Trailer.

Ya i m hopeful about abt suhu. I was commenting on this point all along. It depicts the story of Satrupa, an authoritative woman and her daughter Anami. Goldie 14th Jun – 5: