Soham says he is fine. Kuki says that rajji got it for her. The opther brother comes out and starts to taunt him for helping so much. Sign in Recover your password. Bani, Rajji and Anuradha further their plan and are successful in making Parmeet believe that it is indeed Maya. Amreek and Parmeet are NRI bachelors. He cancels the call. Rajji comes and hears them.

Sign in Recover your password. She is about to go out and find out who did this, but he stops her and asks her not to bother, as she might uncover something, and himself leaves hastily. He says I can hear a voice and its not yours, my head is aching, I will go mad. Rajji says what happened to him Bani. The opther brother comes out and starts to taunt him for helping so much. Parmeet says no, today it will happen, come. He makes up some excuse, saying that its nothing significant. Kuki apologises in her mind to soahm, that he intentionally kept the papers with this, so that he sees this and is reminded of rajji.

She shows Bani the photo in her hand and asks if that is what she wanted to show as proof. Bani is tensed and thinks tht whenever he returns hjome, she would talk to him, and take him alongwith her, to her home. She asks simran and angad to give the old clothes kept to give to the poor. Bani overhears them and decides that she is becoming a burden on them and should leave immediately.

Parmeet says no, today it will happen, come. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

She tells him she has come to return someone whom he left first at his hani and then her place. He says I got it. And if parmeet doesnt do this, then they would get parmeet arrested. When Banis in-laws plans a picnic Parmeet plans to get Bani killed.


She asks rajji whats all this, and wher did she go. Page 1 of 1. Guggi doesnt leave any chance to tease reyman about her life ahead in the Mann house. Bani begs and pleads with the writtn to not get Parmeet arrested. A password will be e-mailed to you. As she serves them, buaji is happy.

Just then the handsome cop arrives and tells them that he will need both of them at the station for a statement. The Episode starts with Soham telling Bani that he is getting some flashes.

Welcome, Login to your account. Simran tells that soham is getting her here only. Kuki says that soham would listen to his heart and sys that she has another idea. Soham, who lives in Bani’s village, is smitten with her, but he is rejected by Desho since he is not an NRI. Bani also goes and they see that Jia is crying in the bedroom.

Just then, lshq turns around and screams out for her. Rajji starts leaving but Parmeet stops her. Rajji says Parmeet leave my hand. Eventually, Bani realizes that her husband has abandoned her, but she is determined to get her rights as a wife. The boat moves and slowly epissode into the water. Bani says Rajji is not happy with this decision. On Nov 26, Jas notices that rajji has finally come home with soham. He holds his head and thinks.

A password will be e-mailed to you. He asks her whats she doing here. The doctor checks him and says we can say anything when he comes to his senses. Blood starts gushing out. The doctor asks him how is he feeling.


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 26th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Soham says what happened to Parmeet, why is he telling about me and Rajji, why is he marrying her again, what happened. Soham thinks about their old romantic moments. Rajji’s marriage is arranged with Amreek and Bani’s with Parmeet. Thus, Bani gets married to Parmeet, as planned, while Soham unknowingly marries Rajji instead of his true love. Anuradha said that they will arrest Parmeet but Bani disagrees.

The other members too come and compliment bani on her ability to learn the rituals of this place so fast. The cop seems to follow her every word! And if the papers have come from Delhi, then this means that Parmeet too is in India no in Delhi. Like 0 Dislike 0. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Bani Ishq Da Kalma. Bani gets worried too.

Written Update Episode Watch Online

Parmeet brings Rajji in the temple. Soham nods and goes out and calls Rajji. Manpreet assk him not to call, as it must be night in Canada and he must be sleeping. Episode starts with Jia being ziddi and adamant about marrying Parmeet.

They are all very tensed.