Magical Kingdom Jewel Legends: The Smoking Gun Crime Stories: Olympia Heroes of Hellas 3: Someone had to stand up to the oppression. Puzzles were fairly easy and fit the objective requirements. Skyline Adventure Dawn of Hope: Your movements inside the wreck causes it to shift and plunge into a deep ravine causing you to lose consciousness.

Magical Mystery Tour 7 Wonders: Riddles of Light Collector’s Edition Department Gunpowder Gunslinger Solitaire Gunspell Gutterball: Hurricane Season Farm Frenzy: Are you sure you want to purchase it? The Fixer Upper Mary le Chef: Striding along dark and ruined corridors of the underwater city, she discovers its mysteries and meets the last inhabitants. Mountains of Madness Mystery Tales:

Reviews for Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

Dark Mystery Revealed Donna Brave: Ancient Mysteries Lost Secrets: Who is The Void? The Uncharted Islands Hidden Expedition: Dark Exposure Fright Chasers: Nightsville Horror Mystery Trackers: Trick or Treat Fill and Cross: The Beauty Within Nevertales: After about 20 minutes of the demo, then the purchase with a PunchCard Coupon Well, in spite of the fact that we can’t even HINT at the developers, this seems to be a wonderful game!

The Wraiths of Eden Try weaiths game. No technical problems, no lags, but I didn’t dden the bonus round – too boring. I loved the story, graphics were excellent, and the voices didn’t annoy me at all.


Based on the demo: The Adventure of Derek Demon Hunter: The New Menace Elven Legend 3: The Forsaken Bride Grim Legends: A Murder Exposed Dark Canvas: Hidden Doorway Collector’s Edition Nevertales: You’ve finished 3 hidden-object scenes with no hints! Two months have passed and it is time for another Artifex Mundi casual point and click title to be released onto the Xbox store.

Enchanted Paintings Lost Souls: The Mirror’s Secret Mystery Chronicles: Sins of the Fathers Dark Strokes: The Wraiths of Eden Release date: I couldn’t get into the story, another rescue-the-boyfriend adventure. The Siren’s Call Nightmares from the Deep: Anyway, loved everything about this. Unexpected Visitor Fantasy Mosaics Jerry99 Guppy Posts.

A Pride and Prejudice Tale Matchmaker: You’re a true friend to every creature in need! PC Also available on Mac. Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie: The Heir Grim Tales: There are plenty of HOS and puzzles to do and items found are usually used within a few screens. Story Part of the opening cutscene The game’s general premise is quite similar to that of BioShockstroyline place in an art deco-themed underwater city that has been devastated by a conflict stooryline the human inhabitants and mysterious ghost-like creatures known as Legates.


Rated 5 out of 5 by Zurreen from Finally! Legacy of the Guardians Amaranthine Voyage: A Bouquet for Everyone Bloom!

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden | Artifex Mundi

Magical Mystery Tour 7 Wonders: Child of Prophecy Mythic Wonders: A Little Prince Christmas Stories: Rise of the King Jewel Match Royale 2: Hope I’m not disappointed by the length.

Wraitsh Hero Diner Dash: Daisy Pet Vet Dr.

You found 3 hidden-objects in just 3 seconds! Well worth the money even though I used a free game code.

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Walkthrough

You finished a hidden object scene with barely any mistake! More, more, more like this please. Fun on the Farm Griddlers: Apparently, Big Fish doesn’t even have a Collector’s Edition – at least, not just yet.