I had heard somebody say that Mayuri had sex with Nemu to heal her. My college doesn’t get HBO. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. It appears the drug has worked very well. Less recap, we have memories. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Then the ‘Turn Back The Pendulum’ mini-arc starts at episode yay! Plus he agreed with me that giant robot battles are fun. Send Yachiru after Spoony? Each having one surprise after the next and trying to checkmate the other. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Nemu then reveals that her right arm doubles as a drill, and digs up none other than Dondomoron and Pesceidiot. She left the room quietly, shutting the door on her way out. Does she want to have sex with him?

Honestly, like I’d rape my own daughter. Not a single whoop of joy or word about this though, got it? Somehow Bleach was more fun to me when I could watch several episodes a day, not once a week. I’m sure I see a happy glint from behind Uryu’s glasses though. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Despite what everyone’s saying about how lame everything is, everything’s right on track. From the upcoming episode titles here: It turned out like chess.

She was his greatest accomplishment – his first and apparently only successful result at creating an artificial soul from nothing. It makes about as much sense in context. Hopefully he’ll conveniently stay in there until Kenpachi wins and Ichigo is healed for a rematch. You’d think with Spoony’s haircut his hair would cover it up, but apparently it doesn’t somehow, according to that image.


I came up with this when I was watching Ep But Uryu insists and then this funny joke slowly begins to wear thin, as Insano claims that he never does anything unsuitable for the audience to see. Nemu blushes slightly before telling about her problem.

The whole scene was simply a joke that whatever “revival” technique Mayuri was using appeared to be sexual, but that doesn’t mean it WAS sexual. The main character is awful, and I think the entire fanbase likes him more and I suspect even the creator knows it. When will they focus on it??!! He jumps up suddenly, screaming. They left in the “Nemu sex”? The pace of the show is slow. And I still can’t stop laughing xD. Sorry for the wait. Who or what they were has yet to be explained, but it was definitely what Mayuri wanted to find.

Didn’t really enjoy the episode, there was nothing in it. Now its time for Kenpachi! She, on the other hand, despises the idea, as Nemu is canonically considered to be Mayuri’s daughter. We even get a gross shot of Kenpachi from inside of the hole, which frankly I’d rather not have seen.

The preview at the end showed Nnoitora in his released state. My girlfriend and I are working on a Bleach crossover AU where Haikyuu characters are children of Bleach characters just for giggles, you know?

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It’s always sexually suggestive content, but then it gets revealed to what they’re actually doing and it’s not sex. Pesceidiot ends the scene by yelling “goodbye everybody” which I do hope is a clue that they’re gone forever. Send Yachiru after Spoony?


It’s about what I thought it’d be. The boy has murder in his eyes. I have actually seen SEVERAL anime, ecchi included, and whenever a seemingly sexual scene comes up, but it isn’t actually sexual, they explain that.

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But still, Bleacj am curious with the two hanging bodies. It’s only reasonable to say a word of gratitude Then the ‘Turn Back The Pendulum’ mini-arc starts at episode yay! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. The boy’s eyes widen, his mouth drops, and he shrieks in surprise. The manga doesn’t explicitly state what Mayuri did, and Uryuu makes the same remark.

Bad name for this episode I think. Nnoitra is cut down”? And Grimmjow basically was Renji in Season 2.

Did Mayuri actually have sex with Nemu?

I believe they’re going to nayuri up pace. I make sure to check up on him at the Naruto Wiki it exists to make sure he’s still alive. Boy Troubles will be up by Sunday. I lean over her and start preforming the CPR.